As part of the young professionals in my generation, I have the drive to excel myself in the profession that I have chosen. Being able to pursue my passion in arts, I have the will and strength to overcome obstacles to achieve my goals. I have ventured from Sweden to New Zealand to get an education where it helped me develop my skills, knowledge and grow as an individual.

I would like to work in an innovative and challenging environment that would allow me to grow not only intellectually but also skillfully, and to be a part of a team of artists where I can practice and develop my skills as well as my ability to interact well with people, which offers me opportunities to acquire experiences, maximizing my strengths and capabilities to work productively in a varied range of environment.

Curiosity is the main reason why I got interested in visual effects. Watching a lot of movies and playing video games growing up intrigued my curiosity of creating computer generated images that got me started with 3d modelling and visual effects since high school.